Saturday, 10 March 2012

David Cameron 'An Angry Bird'?

At the end of a stressful day of meetings at work you might expect UK Tory Prime Minister, David Cameron, to embrace a soothing massage from wife Samantha, or kick back in front of the television with a Rich Tea admiring his appearance in a news bulletin. This is not the case however as David Cameron surprisingly admitted yesterday during some light hearted enquiries that he actually finds refuge in the hugely popular smartphone application, ‘Angry Birds’.

Cameron may well have found a recipe for stress success as he envisions tossing bird-shaped Nick Cleggs at opposing activists seeking a call for the coalition to drop its overhaul of the NHS in England on the catchpenny 69p bargain software (which Cameron later claimed back as ‘expenses’), however experts fear that there is nothing ‘light-hearted’ about Cameron’s self confessed ‘addiction’ and an insider source described the PM’s wavering concentration during private meetings and Parliament as a direct result of his gaming.

All sympathies must lie with deputy Lib Dem Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, as he has been finding it increasingly embarrassing when out in public with Cameron, who has a fond habit of responding ‘I wish somebody would throw an Angry Bird at you’ to any opposition or deemed ‘annoying’ members of the general public. These Tourette’s-like outbursts are reported to be similar to the ones suffered by ex- Labour Prime Minister, Gordon Brown after his ‘bigoted woman’ slur back in 2010.

Cameron is reported to be undergoing private rehabilitation for his addiction.


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